Volvo Engines: b18, b20, b16, b23, b21

Scandcar’s engines are manufactured according to the most modern requirements. Therefore, Scandcar guarantees that all reconditioned engines can compete with brand new factory engines.

With Scandcar, you will get a written warranty.

Our cylinder heads are standard for use of unleaded petrol and LPG, even the B4B and B16!

Scandcar supplies loose short blocks and cylinder heads. You will have a choice of A, C, D, F, or K-camshaft without surcharge. R & S are on request.

Scandcar is also able to ream your B18 to a B20 and, if required, Scandcar reconditions your block, so that you will keep your original engine number.

B4B and B16 are on request, due to limited availability of parts.


LPG and unleaded

Think of the environment and replace your cylinder head by a cylinder head with hard valve seats. By doing so, the engine will run on LPG and unleaded petrol without any problems.


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