Volvo 440

Volvo 480

In 1988, Volvo launched the 440 and 460 series as the successor for the 300 series, which was very popular in England, France, and the Netherlands.

The technique used in the new 440-series was the same as in the Volvo 480, which was already introduced in 1985. The 400 series consisted of the models 440, 460 and the previously mentioned Volvo 480. All models were produced in Born (Limburg Province). The model numbering relates to the chassis variant, whereby the 440 was a 5-doors hatchback and the 460, which was launched in 1986, a 4-doors sedan.

The 460 was presented with a slightly different front than the 440; the grille came standard in chromed synthetic instead of the standard black chequered plastic of the 440.

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